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Kirton off-licence approved, but with conditions

Conditions have been placed on a Kirton shop to control sales of alcohol after the off-licence applicant addressed concerns raised by the licensing sub-committee.

The sub-committee had refused the application by Mr Nurettin Atilgan for his shop, International Food and Drink, at 13 Boston Road, Kirton, on the grounds that, at the hearing, he did not demonstrate a full understanding of the licensing act and its objectives and that parking issues could be compounded.

Mr Atilgan appealed to the magistrates' court  and presented additional evidence during the appeal proceedings, which was brought to the sub-committee's attention by the council's legal adviser in advance of the appeal hearing.

In a statement, the licensing sub-committee said: "Having considered this evidence and having taken legal advice the committee accepts that its original decision cannot now not be successfully defended at appeal and agrees that the matter should be settled by way of a consent order without the requirement for a full hearing." 

The licence has been granted, subject to conditions that Mr Atligan provides a CCTV surveillance system approved by the police, a "Challenge 25" alcohol age-check scheme and stops selling alcohol at 9pm.    

The sub-committee said: "The sub-committee hopes that the licence being granted with these conditions will result in the premises being operated in such a way that it achieves promotion of the licensing objectives.

"Should subsequent issues arise as a result of the issue of this licence there are existing mechanisms to deal with these."