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A day in the history of Boston

Who knows what this day in Boston's history was?

The exceptional gathering, which includes military personnel (or are they police?), firefighters, clergy and dignitaries attracted members of the public in their finery into Boston Market Place.

The shadows and umbrellas appear to indicate a hot day and the salutes appear to indicate the culmination of a service or a proclamation with most eyes focused on the Assembly Rooms where there are people on the balcony.

Health and safety doesn't appear too much of an issue with people standing on the roof of the Exchange Building and nonchalantly perched along the parapet. Occupying the building on the corner leading to the town bridge is Boots, proudly declaring itself to be "the largest retail chemist in the world". It has now moved to a building across the Market Place.

The Exchange Building  is also occupied by "Bradleys Advertising and Shipping Agency".

The large photograph, on loan to Boston Borough Council by Sam and Margaret Jessop, of Boston, can be seen in the entrance to Municipal Buildings in West Street.

If you have any information about the event please contact Andrew Malkin at the council on 01205 314308 or email him at