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Fighting crime, with your help, for 25 years

Crimestoppers is the independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals and solve crime, it has been fighting crime since the organisation was launched in 1988 and has reached its 25th anniversary.

Crimestoppers runs the national 0800 555 111 phone number and anonymous online form at Crimestoppers which allow members of the public to pass on information about crime 100 per cent anonymously.

Crimestoppers' guarantee to you is to never ask for your name or record your call. It makes it easier for you to come forward, breaking the silence around criminal activity and removing your fear. This means that your name is not known and so you do not have to write a statement or go to court.

Since its launch, Crimestoppers UK has gone from strength-to-strength, taking more than 1.4 million phone calls, which has led to more than 122,575 arrests, £126 million worth of goods being recovered and nearly £299 million worth of drugs being seized.

Crimestoppers passes information about criminals to police forces across the UK and law enforcement organisations including Trading Standards and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Its independence from the police and law enforcement is what makes it unique, which is why so many people contact it with information anonymously.

Its work with volunteers in local communities is integral to the success of the charity. A network of 550 volunteers throughout the UK are engaging daily with local people to find out about the crimes and issues affecting their community. These volunteers come from varying backgrounds such as media, businesses or local government, bringing relevant skills to the table that aids Crimestoppers' work in their area If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out a volunteer enquiry form at Crimestoppers

This way, it can focus efforts on those crimes and attempt to create a safer environment for us all to live in.

If you would like to pass on information about crime anonymously you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through the charity's anonymous online form at Crimestoppers