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Your community needs you...

You could be a friend to your community at a time when it might matter most. Boston is among several places along the Lincolnshire coast where volunteer flood wardens are needed.

Flood wardens provide a vital link between the Environment Agency, the public and local councils. They also support the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum's Coastal Campaign to encourage people to "make a call" to register for flood warnings and "make a plan" so they know what to do if flooding happens.

Rachael McMahon, Flood Resilience Advisor, said: "By becoming a flood warden, people can help the most vulnerable members of their community stay safe during flooding and reduce the impact it has on them.

 "A flood warden's aim is to help to prepare those in the local community who are at risk from flooding. They play an important role in helping to get messages out to people about flood risk and are specially trained to encourage others to find out if they are at risk."

Flood wardens can also help parish and town councils complete community emergency and flood plans by identifying vulnerable areas and residents and any key skills and equipment the community may have.

They are also encouraged to monitor water levels and report any unusual levels to the Environment Agency. During flooding, volunteers provide information to the Environment Agency and alert local residents as outlined in the local flood plan.

Helen Parkhurst  has been a volunteer flood warden in Sutton on Sea for five years. She said: "My community is very important to me and, as a flood warden, I am able to share information about flood risk and answer any questions people may have. Being part of a team makes you realise how important the role is and how much you can offer the community you live in. I am proud to volunteer a few hours a month to make a real difference to my community."

To find out more about volunteering to become a flood warden, contact the Environment Agency's National Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506506 who will direct the call to the Flood Resilience Team. More information about the role is also available online at

People can find our if they are at risk of flooding and what they can do to prepare and help themselves in the event of an incident by visiting and sign up to receive free flood warnings from Floodline Warnings Direct either online or by calling 0845 988 1188.

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Your community needs you... Helen Parkhurst, volunteer flood warden