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Update on Boston flooding from the Environment Agency

High tide is now receding. This evening's high tide is expected to be lower than this morning's, but the threat still remains.

People are advised not to travel through Boston until after at least 10am.

We are conducting an assessment of the area to see if it's safe for residents to return.

Lincolnshire Police recommend that residents whose property has been affected by the flooding should not return until after at least 10am, at which time they should approach uniformed officers to carry out a safety assessment.

From around 9.30am evacuees will be moved from the Prince William of Gloucester rest centre (which will close) to join the other evacuees at the PGL camp in Caythorpe. The Caythorpe rest centre will remain open as long as necessary.

We will work to ensure that residents at the PGL will be brought back to Boston as soon as it's safe to do so. Transport will be provided to take the evacuees home.

The evacuees' details are being collected so police and EA can assess the safety and habitability of their properties.

Once their properties have been assessed we will have a clearer timeline of when these people can return home.

Agencies will also have teams out assessing other infrastructure for potential damage.

Residents are advised not to enter, or allow pets or children to enter, flood waters which could be contaminated or contain hidden hazards such as displaced manhole covers, and general debris.

If people have any concerns, please contact the county council's customer service centre on 01522 782189.

We are working to get people back in their homes as soon as possible. People are advised to remain vigilant and listen to Listen to local radio - BBC Radio Lincolnshire (94.9fm) or Lincs Fm (102.2fm) - for the latest updates.