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Council tax support scheme

Changes made earlier this year to the scheme which helps those unable to pay their council tax in full have been recommended for adoption for another year.

Boston Borough Council consulted the public on its Council Tax Benefit Scheme. Out of 3,201 recipients of work-age council tax support only five responded.

From April the support system was altered so that the maximum amount of financial support was set at 75 per cent of the annual council tax amount for all households other than pensioners and war widows of all ages.

The changes were made because the Government abolished the national Council Tax Benefit Scheme, and reduced funding to the council. This meant that Boston would have had a shortfall of almost £750,000 if it kept the benefit exactly as before.

All working-age recipients of council tax support saw the level of financial support they receive reduced by 25 per cent and they are now expected to pay this element. Pensioners and war widows of all ages did not see a reduction in support and continue to receive a discount of 100 per cent of their council tax if they are eligible.

The council has to agree a Local Council Tax Support Scheme each year and Cabinet agreed to recommend to full council that the 2014/15 scheme is the same as in 2013/14.