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Spitting in the street: You say ban it NOW!

Take action on spitting in the street NOW! That was the overwhelming feedback from a straw poll taken of visitors to Boston Market on Wednesday.

Spitting in the street was inexcusable, agreed those spoken to, who said it should be made illegal and Boston Borough Council should be able to take action against those caught doing it.

Many visitors to the council's consultation stall took away environmental crime surveys to complete and post back.

Carol Creasey, of Parthian Avenue, Wyberton, said spit from a passerby had once landed on her arm. "It's a disgusting habit and I don't like to see it. I have seen people spit on the floor in front of me. As far as I am concerned it's the same as dropping litter or not cleaning up after your dog."

Her neighbour, Susan Scarborough, said: "My children know not to spit. I have told them to use a tissue and put it in the bin if they have to clear their throat. They know not to drop litter, too. It's important to educate children about things such as this. Perhaps schools could do more."

Andrea Keal, of Robin Hood's Walk, Boston, said: "Spitting is disgusting. I'd like there to be text number so you can quietly report it to the police when you see it.

"I see a lot of cigarette litter too. Sometimes it's as if someone has just emptied an ashtray in the gutter."

Thomas Keal (16) added: "I don't like spitting. And people should use the litter bins for other rubbish - there are enough of them around. Sometimes you see people drop litter in the street right next to a bin. I don't know how they have the nerve."

The council is also seeking views on littering, fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, urinating in the streets, fly posting and abandoning vehicles.

The environmental crime survey can also be completed online at the council's website -

Jen Moore, the council's environment and sustainability officer, said: "We are considering criminalising spitting under the same legislation which covers littering, but we wanted to consult first to be sure we had the public on our side. These early indications are that we definitely have. Some people were surprised to learn that spitting in the street is not already unlawful. We want to hear the opinions of as many people as possible on spitting and all environmental crime. Please complete our survey on the council's website. You have until the end of this month (January)."