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Environment Agency statement: March high tides and temporary flood defences

This briefing is to update you about the high tides forecast in early March 2014 and that we will be re-erecting the temporary flood defences near White Horse Lane.

High spring tides in March

More high tides, also known as spring tides, are forecast between 28 February and 3 March 2014. The latest forecast indicates we may need to issue some Flood Alerts (meaning flooding is possible) in Boston.

The tidal surge on 5 December was caused by extreme weather conditions, when low pressure and strong winds combined with high spring tides. It is unlikely these extreme weather conditions will combine again in early March, but we are closely monitoring the situation with our partners, and will issue any flood alerts and warnings that are needed.

Temporary flood defences at White Horse Lane

On Friday 28 February, we will be putting up the temporary flood defences again (pictured on the right) between Pulvertoft Lane and White Horse Lane.

This section of flood wall was irreparably damaged in the tidal surge on 5 December and needed to be replaced. So far, we have demolished the damaged section of wall and are now working on the new foundations.

We have kept the temporary flood defences nearby in case they were needed and we will be putting these back up to reduce the risk of flooding from the next set of spring tides.

We will keep the temporary defences in place as a precautionary measure until the high tides pass.

Sign up to receive our free flood warnings

We continue to advise people to sign up to receive our flood warnings by visiting our website at or by calling Floodline on 0845 9881188 or 0345 9881188.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the work to repair defences then please email or call Dominic Burton on 07747 640663.

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