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FREE fridges for flood victims

Fifty-two flood victims who requested help to replace damaged fridges are to get new appliances after a lorry delivery to Boston Borough Council's Fen Road depot.

The council, using information gathered from flood victims, put in a request to the Government's Cabinet Office for 52 fridges... and got them all.

A range of companies made offers to the Prime Minister to offer support to flood victims. David Cameron sent the offer on to the Cabinet Office, asking them to provide a matchmaking service linking offers of help with those most in need.

Offers have included a wide range of goods and services.

Peter Hunn, Boston Borough Council's principal community safety officer and chairman of the Boston flood recovery community resilience cell, completed a list of items required.

He said: "I noticed that Dixons had offered a quantity of white goods, including kettles, toasters, fridges, etc, on one of the daily Cabinet Office emails. I completed the template form and detailed flood-affected residents' requests we had collated during the past few months. Boston's requested items list was quite extensive and included 52 fridges.

"Dixons chose Boston to offer some of their products to. Within minutes of that notification by the Cabinet Office, Dixons contacted me asking when they could delivery 52 brand new fridges."

The fridges arrived at the council's Fen Road Depot on Monday. Working with the Facebook volunteer group Get Boston Back On Its Feet, flood victims who requested a fridge to replace those damaged are being contacted to arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Peter said: "On behalf of the flood victims of Boston and the borough council we would like to thank Dixons for this very generous offer. We are very grateful for the support and kind donations from companies such as Dixons, who have offered us white goods, food, bedding, furniture and many other items to aid in the recovery of our flood victims.

"We are still a long way from being back to normal and our requested items list is still quite large, but we will continue to make these requests and also make pleas for support until every one of our flood victims is back in their homes and have replaced the items damaged by flood waters."

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52 fridges, new, boxed and delivered by Dixons to Boston Borough Council's Fen Road depot for flood victims. From left, admin assistant Emma Butler, operations manager Matt Fisher, chairman of the waste recovery cell George Bernard and Boston's flood and emergency planning officer Donna Brewer