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Energy switchers to save up to £300

Some Boston residents are set to save more than £300 on their gas and electricity bills thanks to the power of collective switching.

Householders who signed up for the first Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme will make average savings of £176 if they choose to switch to a new energy tariff following an auction between energy companies.

More than 3,600 households across Lincolnshire signed up to the scheme with energy suppliers bidding with lower energy prices. The scheme was promoted by seven Lincolnshire local authorities, including Boston Borough Council.

The energy industry's Big Six and smaller independent energy suppliers were all able to propose tariffs for the supply of potentially thousands of people signed up to a collective pool. The four who won the chance to supply on different tariffs were Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, British Gas and newcomer Green Star Energy.

Letters and emails offering the new tariffs and detailing the potential for savings against current charges are being sent out to households now.

Potential savings can range from a few pounds to £300 or more, with the average across all households who registered in Boston being £176. Where residents don't see a saving in their individual offer it means that they are likely to be on a competitive rate already. But it may be worth them signing up again in future rounds as tariffs can change over the course of a year.

There is no obligation for people to accept their offer and switch, but if they do, it is an easy and straightforward process.

Deadline for accepting the offer is Monday, March 31.

Karen Lond, of Lincolnshire Energy Switch, said: "If all of the Lincolnshire households that registered actually switch they could collectively save more than £600,000.

 "At a time when many energy companies have increased their prices, this is a welcome opportunity for households to see if they can make savings and put a bit more money back into their pockets. The biggest savings are likely to be achieved by people who have either never switched, or not switched for a long time."

For households who missed out on this first collective switch, keep an eye out for more information as another opportunity to sign up may follow soon.

Everyone who registered should receive their individual offer by letter or email by today (March 11). If they don't they should contact the borough which can request another copy is sent.

Cllr Mike Gilbert, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for housing, property and community, said: "Having made the decision to switch I am aware of the considerable savings that I am making and the even bigger savings that other consumers will make. The process was painless."