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Drinking in public consultation - extended

Public response to a survey on possible future restrictions on drinking alcohol in public has been excellent so far, and so the consultation period has been extended.

You now have until the end of Monday, April 21, to make your views known to Boston Borough Council.

One person who completed the questionnaire has urged others not to miss their chance to have their say. She was concerned about scenes of drunkenness in the streets and especially near the Ingram Memorial during the daytime and in the presence of children.

She also highlighted associated bad behaviour such as vandalism and urinating in public.

She said: "We must do our best to ensure our town is a safe and decent place to live - Mayor Giuliani transformed New York with his zero tolerance measures and he had the Mafia to contend with so I am sure we can reinstate common decency and nurture good citizenship back into our beloved Boston - it is time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted."

The current Drinking in Public Places Order (DPPO), introduced to help control drinking of alcohol in public places in certain circumstances, is being repealed. It never was a ban and was related to alcohol consumption in connection with anti-social behaviour. New rules are being introduced and Boston Borough Council is consulting in order to plot a way forwards.

It wants to know whether people should be allowed to drink alcohol in a public place, such as streets, parks, car parks.

It is also asking whether residents think there is a problem with drinking alcohol in a public place in Boston town centre, other areas of Boston and in the villages.

It also wants to gauge public support for a complete ban on drinking of alcohol in "defined" public places. This would be subject to compelling evidence in support of a ban being gathered.

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