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Vandals attack newly-refurbished toilets

Vandals have damaged Boston's newly-refurbished public toilets.

The main door of the ladies' toilet in the Cattle Market car park was forced after it had been shut up for the night, damaging the electronic coin-operated locking mechanism.

The incident happened some time between the toilets being closed and made secure at 8pm and 10.45pm on Friday (May 9) when police noticed the open door.

Earlier in the week, within 48 hours of the refurbished toilets being reopened, the door mechanism in one of the cubicles in the Gents was kicked in. Two people were arrested by police.

Town centre portfolio holder, Cllr Derek Richmond, said: "It is almost unbelievable that someone has caused this damage so soon after the work had finished to improve them for everyone's comfort. Whoever has done it needs to understand that it has cost £65,000 of everyone's money to make these improvements - that's the total council tax payments to the borough council for a full year from 386 families living in average band D properties.

"Vandalism is a crime against everyone and everyone will now have to pay again for the repairs.

"The council has funds to pay for general maintenance, but cannot afford to keep paying out for unnecessary repairs. What will happen when we cannot afford to continue to keep the toilets open?"

Normally the council's CCTV cameras have a view of the toilets, but cameras were obscured at this time because of May Fair rides.

Despite the vandalism May Fair week had otherwise passed without incident.

Adam Eden, Boston Borough Council anti-social behaviour case worker, said: "In all other regards it was a model May Fair. It was a family event, full of fun and without intimidation and bad behaviour. Everyone had a good time."