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£210 for just a few minutes' effort

Can you really afford not to spend just a few minutes in order to potentially have up to £210 extra in your pocket to spend?

You'd be helping yourself and your local economy by having more cash to spend locally.

How do you get hold of this extra spending power? By registering for the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme (LESS). LESS really could mean more if you haven't ever switched your energy supplier, or you have stuck with your current gas and electricity supplier for a long time.

It's a sad fact in this modern world that there's not much reward for loyalty, so you really should considering joining the scheme to get a better deal for yourself on your fuel bills.

The more households join the big energy switch the more they will save on their bills. But please be quick - this latest offer runs out on Monday, June 9.

In the first offer, which finished in March, the average savings for households in Boston who switched was £210. That had the potential to inject an extra £27,000 into the Boston local economy.

The latest scheme was launched on Tuesday, April 15, and already more than 900 households have registered.

Any household which has never switched energy supplier, or not switched for a long time, is probably paying too much.

It is easy to register - all you need is a recent gas or electricity bill which shows your current tariff and your energy consumption. Then visit Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme to register your details. Alternatively you can call on 01529 301990 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

There is no obligation to switch so there is nothing to lose by registering. Whether you rent your home or own it, whether you are on dual fuel, electric only or have a prepayment meter - everyone is encouraged to register. And you don't even have to live in Lincolnshire as it will be open to anyone in the country, so friends and family can also register, wherever they live.

Once the registration period deadline has passed on Monday, June 9, the energy companies are invited to offer a competitive tariff. The lowest tariff will be offered to households in personalised emails or letters.  Residents will then have four weeks to decide whether or not to switch.

It is a simple process that could result in substantial savings on household energy bills. So don't delay, register today. Visit Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme

Cllr Mike Gilbert, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for housing, property and community, and who energy switched and saved money on the first occasion, said: "We are always keen to look at new ways to help our residents reduce their monthly outgoings and registering for the Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme could save a worthwhile amount on energy bills and it is an easy process. Alongside this, there are many small actions that residents can do that would help put money back into their pockets."

A similar switching scheme for small and medium businesses (SMEs) is also available using the same website address.