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Don't be a doorstep victim of a scam

A warning has been issued for Boston residents to be on their guard against doorstep con men this summer.

Adam Eden, Boston Borough Council's Principal Community Safety Officer (Interim) said: "Not all cold callers are criminals or con-artists; unfortunately there are people out there who are. These people are criminals who will try to cheat you out of cash however they can. They may convince you that you need work doing to your home or driveway; they may even try to convince you that they are from the council or the police and have helped others out in the area, or that they have a special offer, today only.

"We would like residents to be vigilant when they have someone unexpectedly knock on their door trying to sell them a product or service."

In the last year, 184 Lincolnshire residents complained they had been targeted, 67 of which admitted to handing over cash. In total, this cost residents more than £90,000.

During these warmer summer months, we all like to leave our windows and doors open, but if they can't con you, some of these criminals may try to gain entry and attempt to steal your belongings.

Follow these simple steps to avoid being scammed:

Some residential areas have No Cold Calling Zones or have a neighbour scheme where you can ask your neighbour to be with you when someone unexpectedly arrives at your door.

If you think you've been a victim of doorstep crime, please call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506 or visit