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School's out, but litter picking's still in

Pupils from Boston's Carlton Road Academy are proving themselves to be top litter-picking champions, busy keeping clean and tidy even when school's out.

On Wednesday they spent some of their time at the two-week summer school picking up litter and learning more about environmental issues.

Boston Borough Council's Jen Moore and Becky Shinn led the litter pick and introduced the children to specially-designed environmental games, including recycling bingo, a wordsearch and word scramble.

The Year Five students also had a talk from Boston's McDonald's manager on how and what the company recycles, including processing of used oil from their fryers into fuel used in their delivery vehicles.

McDonald's also provided the children with refreshing and healthy flavoured water and fresh pineapple sticks for a picnic lunch.

Boston's Lister Way Asda store supplied fruit, rolls, carrot sticks and tomatoes.

Stephen Bromby, Boston Asda's Community Life Champion, and general store manager Adrian London, attended.

Stephen said: "We attended as part of our Community Life programme, which aims to make our local community a better place to live, work and grow up.

"We have already started making a difference - by getting involved and helping children at Carlton Road Academy grow their own vegetables, to help educate children about healthy eating and the environment.

"The children have learned to love the school grounds and take care of them. The area around the school is now cleaner and tidier than prior to undertaking the project. The children are also much more aware of the importance of not dropping litter to help keep their school and community clean and tidy."