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Give our seal friend some peace

It is natural that human curiosity will be aroused by a seal basking in the sun close to the centre of town, so residents have been asked not to approach too close to our visitor from The Wash.

For the past couple of weeks Boston Borough Council's CCTV operators have been keeping a welfare eye on the seal to be sure no harm comes to it or the local residents. Even so they have witnessed people throwing things at it, and have had to alert the police on several occasions.

The seal is tagged and experts say they have no concerns about it coming up the river and inland. Seals do this at this time of year to come onto land to moult.

Residents have been seen touching the seal and splashing it with water. This is stressful to the animal that has come out of the water to dry off, warm up and rest. Seals are wild animals and can and will bite if they feel threatened. They may also carry diseases that could be passed to people or dogs.

CCTV operators will continue to monitor the seal, and will call the police if it is seen to be abused.

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A Boston Borough Council CCTV image of the seal - petting a wild seal is not recommended. They bite