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Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Success of joint street-cleaning operations

A joint initiative by Boston Borough Council and the Boston-based Lincolnshire County Council highways team has been paying dividends by presenting empty town streets for road gangs to work in.

Keeping gulleys clear and clean is essential if surface water is to clear from the streets quickly. It is even more essential in the case of tidal flooding, helping to drain away flood waters, and in cases of heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding.

Historically there has been a problem of workers turning up in a street, despite pre-publicity, to find parked vehicles in the way.

In recent months the borough council has worked with county highways to better inform residents of the need for them not to leave their cars in the way at crucial times.

This has been championed by borough councillor Carol Taylor, who has devoted many hours to door knocking to speak personally to residents, revisiting with information fliers prepared in other languages and then turning up early in the morning, before the gang appears, to make sure motorists parking up early can find somewhere else to leave their cars.

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Boston Borough Council staff clean the roads and footpaths when the county gulley cleaners and road work gangs move in and George Bernard, head of borough council environmental operations, said: "It's been miraculous. I have never seen the streets so empty before when we have turned up to do this work. In most instances recently there have been no cars in the way, or just one or two. This is down to the efforts of Cllr Taylor who has spread the word, visiting and revisiting residents and then being there at the crack of dawn to deal with the very few who had not got the message."

So far Robin Hood Walk, Sydney Street, Norfolk Place, Stafford Street, Hartley Street and North Street have had the treatment, with roads and footpaths cleaned, gulleys cleaned and, in some instances road lining renewed and pot holes filled.

Cllr Taylor said: "The borough council street cleansing team do a superb job, getting rid of weeds and making the street look great.

"We manage to get rid of all the cars and it's been so nice to see the street cleaning become a social occasion for many residents - they watch the proceedings, some still in their nightwear, having a cup of tea and chatting to each other.

"I want to say a big thank you to all residents for their cooperation. And as a result they have nice clean shiny streets to live in."

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Spick and span - Hartley Street after Wednesday's clean-up