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Christmas grinch's tree pee shame

CCTV doesn't stop, even at Christmas. And it's just as well - one of the latest images captured by camera for Name and Shame has evidence of a man peeing up the town's Christmas tree.

Now Boston Borough Council wants your help in order to bring the offender to book.

The offence of public urination took place at 9.54pm on November 30 - three days after the Christmas lights were switched on.

Another urinated in public (AC) at 12.39am on November 28 against a shop front in Boston High Street.

And a tree along John Adams Way at Main Ridge West was the preferred location for public urination by another (AA), at 8.27am on October 26.

Litterers included a sweet wrapper dropped to the ground (Z) at 3.55pm in Red Lion Street, a cigarette thrown to the ground (AB) near the Len Medlock Centre and a drinks can left on the footpath near Pump Square (Y).

Irrefutable video evidence of offences is captured by Boston Borough Council's sophisticated CCTV system.

And each month the council asks for your help in identifying any of the people who the council's environmental crime enforcement officers want to speak with in connection with these incidents.

All information received will be confidential and the identities of those who pass on information will never be revealed.

Those caught by the council's 68 CCTV cameras deliberately dropping litter and urinating or defecating in public will be pursued and issued with a £75 fixed penalty notice or be taken to court. The campaign will also extend to cover those who do not clean up after their dogs. Litter also includes cigarette ends thrown to the ground. After January 31 this legislation will also apply to spitting.

If you can help identify any of these people please pass details to Boston Borough Council - phone 01205 314200 and ask for the environmental enforcement team; write to: Name and Shame, Environmental Enforcement Team, Boston Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, PE21 8QR; email

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