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Illegal cigarettes and out of date foods found in Boston

Lincolnshire Trading Standards have seized illegal cigarettes and a number of out of date foods from International Foods, of High Street, Boston.

On a routine inspection on Wednesday, January 28, officers discovered 6,000 foreign-labelled cigarettes. They were accompanied by Lincolnshire Police and the expertly trained Colin, a black Labrador with a strong nose for tobacco.

Andy Wright, Principle Trading Standards Officer, said: "Foreign-labelled cigarettes or packets of tobacco are illegal as they don't show the health and safety warnings that they are required to here in the UK, and no tax has been paid on them. This means other local businesses may be suffering as they are unable to compete with the cheaper prices of these illicit products.

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"What customers may not know is that these cigarettes won't self-extinguish if left unattended or dropped, whereas a genuine one will. Cigarettes of this nature have caused house fires in Lincolnshire, including a tragic incident in Spalding in which one person died.

"On this inspection we were also very concerned to come across about 50 foods that were weeks past their use-by date. These could have caused serious harm to an unsuspecting customer if they didn't realise.

"We rely on residents letting us know where such items are being sold, so if you do know please contact us through Crimestoppers."

If you believe illegal, fake or duty free goods such as cigarettes are being sold from a residential property or a shop, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.