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Household rubbish in a litter bin could end up costing you £2,500

Litter bins in the borough are being filled up with black refuse sacks full of household rubbish, displacing the general pedestrian litter that they are there for. Household rubbish which cannot be recycled should be placed into green wheelie bins, blue for recycled material, for collection by Boston Borough Council's refuse collectors.

Litter bins are placed throughout the borough in streets, parks, play areas, open spaces and in lay-bys for disposal of pedestrian litter and bagged animal waste. Street cleaners have been finding large bags of household waste in the bins. They have retrieved evidence leading to identification of one resident who has been sent a warning letter.

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All litter bins have a notice on them making it clear that it is an offence to dispose of domestic, household or trade waste in them. Offenders have to pay a fixed penalty fine of £75 or risk a fine up to £2,500 if the case goes to court.

If wheelie bins are full, excess waste will be collected if left in a bag at the side of the presented wheelie bin. Do not be tempted to cram more into the bin so that the lid will not shut. That will prevent its collection as an open lid fouls the hydraulic lifting mechanism on the back of the refuse freighters and poses a danger to the bin men.

Excess waste should not be left in bags at the side of a litter bin. This is classed as an offence of fly tipping.