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Please, take it to the tip

Residents are reminded that there is generally no charge for disposal of many types of waste at the household recycling centre at Slippery Gowt.

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This pile of rubbish, for example, dumped in the Westgate Woods car parking area at Old Hammond Beck Road, would all have been taken at the centre at no cost.
The person who discovered the mess had been walking his dogs the night before and the rubbish had not been flytipped then. It was dumped after 5pm on Friday, March 6, and was there by the time he returned the following day at 6.30am.
He said: "What really appalled me was the presence of pieces of wood with nails sticking out, deliberately dumped in a public place frequented by dozens of families with children and their pets daily. I was really angry at the sheer stupidity and laziness of whoever did it in such a high-profile spot."
"The dump, the proper place to take stuff like this, is only a couple of miles away."
The flytipped rubbish was removed by Boston Borough Council when it was reported to them on Sunday.
Cllr Michael Brookes, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for waste services, said: "It is annoying that rubbish gets dumped anywhere, but even more so when a local beauty spot has been targeted and the items left pose an added danger to the public - especially children. I'd like the person who dumped this to stop and think about how they would feel if a child of theirs, or their pet, became impaled on one of the nails left poking out of the wood.
"A facility is already provided at cost to the council tax payer and any reasonable person should make use of it."