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Something for you in the 'hub'

The "hub" at Boston's historic 116 High Street is buzzing with activities. The hub is in the modern and comfiortable units behind the house, also known as William Garfit House in honour of the original owner.

Knit-Wits - knitting/crochet get-together over a cuppa, learn how to or just bring along what you are working on, every Thursday, 1.30-3pm  £1.50.                                       

Activity Club - a tea or coffee, quizzes, board games, crafts, bingo, Tuesdays between 1.30 and 3pm, £1.50.

Coffee shop -   tea/coffee and a slice of cake and a natter with friendly volunteers, every second and last Wednesday of each month 10am to 1pm

Computer lessons - Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, £5 an hour, learn how to use the internet, emails, social media on desktops, laptops and tablets.  First session free.  Ring to book.

Foot health practitioner - every Tuesday Claire can treat your corns, calluses, ingrown or problem toe nails, verrucas, fungal infections, thick nails reduced, foot health check, painful feet or heels, diabetic foot care, hard skin removal and nails trimmed.  £20 a session carried out in our clinic or she can go to your home.  Ring to book.

Contact 01205 364161 for all hub events.