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Hatter Lane closure agreed

The Hatter Lane lockdown has received final approval from Boston Borough Council.

On Monday the full council voted in favour of locked gates being installed at both ends of the troublesome lane which links West Street with High Street.

Public access will be restricted for three years, starting in June.

The narrow, winding alley, has been blighted by anti-social behaviour including street drinking, litter, urination and defecation and defied all previous efforts to stop the problems.

New powers introduced in January give the borough council, for the first time, the ability to "gate" the alley - something which previously only the county council had authority to do.

Gating was requested by local businesses and residents, Lincolnshire Police, and councillors.

All of the residential and business owners and other bodies consulted who responded were in support of the order.

It will cost around £1,400 - costs to be met by those residential and business owners affected. A donation of £1,000 has already been made.

The gates will have keypad access so that those with a reason to use the alley, mainly businesses backing onto it and some residents - can still use it.

Emery Lane, just a few yards away provides a more suitable link for pedestrians between West Street and High Street.