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"Image and reputation is most important"

Boston's new Mayor has asked everyone in the borough to help promote Boston to the wider world. His theme will be a phrase he coined a few years ago 'A great past and an exciting future'.

Cllr Richard Austin made a passionate and heartfelt first speech after dressing into the red robes and chain of office and re-entering the council chamber as Mayor for the first time. 

He said: "The image and reputation of a place is its most important asset. It affects so many aspects of life in that community. It affects the location of businesses, the decision of vital professionals and their choice of where to live and work. In fact it can affect the prosperity and wellbeing of everyone in the community. 

"My most important task is to protect and enhance the reputation of the Borough of Boston whenever I can; this is a very important issue, and it is so important that I ask everyone in this council chamber to help in this task. Indeed I would like to go further and ask everyone in this borough to help promote Boston to the wider world."

He spoke of his career as councillor from when he was first elected for the county council in 2005. Since then many people have helped him progress his career as a councillor, both members and officers. 

Cllr Austin also gave a huge thanks to his wife Alison who he said has been incredibly supportive. She relinquishes to him the position of Mayor, which she held for the past year, he being her consort. She now becomes Mayoress. He said: "In 2007 she even very reluctantly agreed to stand as a candidate when I persuaded her this would help.

"However I now have a big concern how is she going to handle the reversal of our roles and become MY accessory."

He praised outgoing Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress, Helen Staples and Mrs Susan Still, who he said had worked tirelessly for the people of Boston. 

Cllr Austin was proposed by Cllr Peter Bedford and seconded by Cllr Stephen Woodliffe, who said he brings a positive influence to everything he does. 

His chosen charities for the year will be The Butterfly Hospice and Boston Woods Trust - projects which help to make Boston a special place to live.

Cllr Colin Brotherton is the new Deputy Mayor and Mrs Kate Wainwright the new Deputy Mayoress. He has known Cllr Brotherton for more than 40 years and they have served together as Churchwardens at Wyberton Church. He is an experienced Councillor and was elected as Mayor in 2012. 

The new Mayor's Scout is Hollie Chapman and the new Mayoress's Guide is Claire Fluck. 

Cllr Alison Austin said she and her husband had an enjoyable year. At the beginning they were very uncertain of what was involved but with the guidance of the mayors officers and civic and member services officer they had a great year full of fun along with mixed emotions. The two highlights for Cllr Austin as Mayor was the silent vigil held on August 4th in which she spent an hour in front of the cenotaph to mark the centenary of the beginning of the First World War and the unveiling of the new memorial for Boston's First World War heroes on November 11th which was funded by public subscription. She gave a vote of thanks to the retiring Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress, also very close friends, and their scout and guide for all their hard work.