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How to dispose of sharp items

SMASH! Everyone, at some point, breaks a glass, jar or bottle. The jagged edges of sharp pieces of glass can then represent a real hazard to anyone dealing with your waste after it's gone into your wheelie bin. So what's the best way to dispose of broken glass and other sharp objects.

Broken glass can be placed in your household rubbish wheelie bin (green bin), but only after it has been thoroughly wrapped in sheets of newspaper so there is no danger of sharp edges cutting someone. Make sure other members of your household who also use the bin are aware. Please do not leave it in a plastic bag at the side of your wheelie bin.

Medical needles (know as sharps) should NEVER be placed in any of your wheelie bins so that refuse disposal staff are not placed at risk of harm. Needles should be placed in a sharps container, available from chemists or GPs.  The containers can then be disposed of in a clinical waste bin in the atrium of the Municipal Buildings.