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Anya (9) launches clean-up campaign

When nine-year-old Anya James noticed litter spoiling the Maud Foster drain she decided to do something about it.

After a couple of dead ends she turned to Boston Borough Council for help and devised an information campaign to educate people about damage to the environment.

Now the sign she designed has been installed alongside the drain.

Anya was travelling along Horncastle Road when she noticed the amount of litter in the water and along the bank and was very concerned about it spoiling the habitat and affecting the wildlife. Anya wrote a letter and sent it to a number of organisations including the council who invited her to the council offices to discuss her concerns. She discussed how they could make people more aware of the dangers to wildlife of throwing rubbish into the rivers.

She worked closely with the council's communications and marketing officer, Emma Staff, to design a sign to encourage people to take more care when disposing of litter. Anya came up with ideas on paper and then Emma used her design skills to produce an electronic version.

Jen Moore, environment and sustainability officer said: "We are very pleased that we could help Anya and I am extremely impressed with her genuine concern for the environment. Because of this she should be very proud that we now have signage along the whole of the Maud Foster drain encouraging people to be more responsible and making them aware of the danger that littering and fly-tipping can cause to wildlife."

Anya said: "I love the sign and cannot wait to get back to school to tell my friends and teachers what has been done."

George Bernard, head of environmental operations said: "I would like to thank Anya for contacting us, I am really glad we were able to help. The signs look brilliant and she should be really proud of herself. We would also like to thank the Boston Big Local for funding the printing and installation of the signage."

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Anya, right, and her sister Carys, Jen, left, and Emma with one of Anya's new signs beside the Maud Foster Drain

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