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Grants for historic restoration

You can't fix alterations overnight which have occurred over decades. But slowly and steadily changing attitudes are being reflected in improvements to town centre shops in Boston. In many cases changes which appeared to be modern and progressive in the 1960s are being undone and frontages returned to a more traditional and pleasing appearance.

High-quality work of this nature can be expensive, so help is at hand in the shape of grants under Boston's PSiCA project (Partnership Schemes in Conservation Areas).

The scheme is a partnership between Historic England and Boston Borough Council and offers grants to owners or leaseholders of historic buildings with shop fronts within the Market Place Conservation Area. 

The aim is to make the most of the town centre's special architectural and historic character helping improve the appearance of the town centre, making it more attractive to visitors and driving economic regeneration.

The main focus is on the Market Place but some areas on the High Street, Bridge Street, Red Lion Street, West Street and Wormgate are included. 

The grant can help towards repairs to buildings and reinstatement of historic features and shop fronts. Grant contributions can be up to 50 per cent of high-quality repair costs and 90 per cent of reinstatement costs. 

So far eight properties in Boston have already benefited from the scheme, which began in 2012, including two in Church Street and most recently the Butterfly Hospice shop in the Market Place.

The latest to undergo repairs, external decoration and refurbishment of the interior is the former Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop.

To find out more please contact Project Conservation Officer Kelly Appleton on 01205 314339 or email

Butterfly hospice shop before and after Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Butterfly Hospice shop before and after