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Financial Capability

Feeling the financial strain after Christmas?

Many people find it difficult to manage their money and budget effectively, yet having financial skills and avoiding debt can mean the difference between a secure future and a desperate struggle.

Debt can also be a significant contributor to stress, depression and mental health conditions.  Financial hardship and social exclusion can also lead to people being out of work so rather than just treating the symptoms there is a need to address the route causes of poverty and exclusion.  Giving people the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their money effectively and take responsibility to their financial decisions can avoid individuals falling into debt or future financial crisis.

Local services are available to support individuals with financial related issues and these are listed below and a link to the various services can be found to the right of this page:-

Those that have engaged with the above services have less or no arrears, start saving and feel much more financially confident to head off future problems.

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