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Call Back Service

Our customer contact team have successfully launched a new 'Call Back Service'. This is an automated call back service, after waiting 60 seconds in the queue, callers are given the option to leave their number for a member of the team to call them back. Numbers then virtually remain in the queue and when the caller becomes first, they will get a call back.

Grass Cutting

Information about grass cutting undertaken by the council

Why has the grass not been cut?

Firstly we must identify if the area in question is to be maintained by the Council, because it could be in the ownership of others, and therefore not our responsibility. Secondly, if it is an area that the Council should be maintaining, then we need to check why it is not being cut, and then act as necessary. When we are made aware of any missed grass we will endeavour our very best to get the grass cut as soon as possible

Why have you stopped grass cutting?

Grass cutting can be suspended during persistent wet weather conditions when there is a likelihood of causing damage, creating an eyesore or concerns over operator safety.

Why are the grass cuttings not taken away?

It is currently not Boston Borough Council standard practice to 'box off' grass cuttings, and therefore the grass cuttings are not collected but left to go back into the ground. If we were to remove grass cuttings we would more than double the costs of this service, and the ground would deteriorate as cuttings and leaves put nutrients back into the ground. We do sweep or blow off any cuttings that get transferred to footpaths at the time of cutting.