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The Mayor of Boston

Who is the mayor and what does the role involve? How can I invite the mayor to a function?

Councillor Paul Kenny was appointed Mayor of Boston on Thursday 23 May 2012.  Councillor Kenny is Boston's 479th Mayor.

Councillor Kenny has previously chaired the council's corporate and community scrutiny committee.  During his year as Mayor, Councillor Kenny will continue to serve as a member of the licensing/regulatory and appeals committee, the Boston town area committee and as a substitute member of the planning committee and will also take a seat on the audit and governance committee. 

The Mayoress for the year is the Mayor's wife, Pam.  The Mayor has appointed Councillor Paul Goodale as his deputy for the mayoral year and his wife, Angie, is the Deputy Mayoress.

The Mayor said his appointment was a great honour and he promised he will work hard and do his best for the people of Boston, making his focus for the year community and equality; community is important to him and he will work hard to bring communities closer together and encourage respect in our communities.

The Mayor's Charities will be the Boston branch of the Citizen's Advice Bureau and the Salvation Army.  The Mayor says "The tensions and challenges we have in society today will benefit from these two charities".

The Mayor is always pleased to be invited to attend and give support to local events and accepts as many invitations as the diary will allow. If you wish to invite the Mayor to attend an event, it is essential that each invitation is put in writing giving at least four weeks notice if possible. The invitation needs to include the following:-

The invitation will then be discussed with the Mayor and a decision will be made on:-

A reply to the invitation will be sent and if the Mayor or Deputy Mayor are able to accept the invitation, a pro-forma will be included with the confirmation for the sender to complete and return at least two weeks prior to the event. The pro-formas are to provide the Civic Office with precise advance information, including all background information, to ensure that the Mayor is fully briefed. Each event is processed by the Civic & Member Services Officer, who may be contacted at the address below:-

Civic and member services officer
The Mayor's Parlour
Municipal Buildings
PE21 8QR
Telephone: 01205 314511