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The Mayor of Boston

Who is the mayor and what does the role involve? How can I invite the mayor to a function?


Councillor Alison Austin was appointed Mayor of Boston on Monday 12 May 2014.

The Mayor was born in Essex but grew up in the Borough of Boston having moved to Kirton as a baby. The Mayor now lives in Wyberton.

Cllr Austin was educated at Boston High School. Having passed her O-levels and A-levels she went to the University of Wales in Cardiff where she graduated with an honours degree in mathematics. Cllr Austin became qualified and taught maths for many years during her career at Sleaford High School, Boston High School and Boston Grammar School before taking early retirement in 1999.

Cllr Alison Austin is Boston's 480th Mayor. Elected on 3rd May 2007, Cllr Austin is a member of the planning committee, the Boston town area committee and the internal councillor development group. Councillor Austin represents the council on the Sir Thomas Middlecott and Other Charity Trust (Skirbeck Quarter Charities).
Councillor Austin is also a member of Lincolnshire County Council, representing the Boston South Division.

The Mayor's Consort is her husband, Councillor Richard Austin. He was elected to the Council in 2007 representing Wyberton Ward. Cllr Richard Austin was the
Leader of the Council from 2007-2011.

The Mayor has appointed Cllr Helen Staples as her Deputy Mayor. Cllr Staples was elected in May 2007 representing the Fishtoft Ward of the Borough and served as Deputy Mayor of Boston in 2009-10. Mrs Susan Still is the Deputy Mayoress.

The Mayor likes challenges and gained a first-class Open University degree in human geography aged 63. She has also been a volunteer at Centrepoint Outreach since 1999 and is now a director of the charity, having been Chairman for three years.

The Mayor's nominated charities for the year are Boston Centrepoint Outreach and the Gateway Club.

The Mayor is always pleased to be invited to attend and give support to local events and accepts as many invitations as the diary will allow. If you wish to invite the Mayor to attend an event, it is essential that each invitation is put in writing giving at least four weeks notice if possible. The invitation needs to include the following:-

The invitation will then be discussed with the Mayor and a decision will be made on:-

A reply to the invitation will be sent and if the Mayor or Deputy Mayor are able to accept the invitation, a pro-forma will be included with the confirmation for the sender to complete and return at least two weeks prior to the event. The pro-formas are to provide the Civic Office with precise advance information, including all background information, to ensure that the Mayor is fully briefed. Each event is processed by the Civic & Member Services Officer, who may be contacted at the address below:-

Civic and member services officer
The Mayor's Parlour
Municipal Buildings
PE21 8QR
Telephone: 01205 314511