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Service Issues

UPDATE 23/09/2022 at 16:50 Please be aware that we continue to be impacted by the regional ICT network disruption which may affect some of our online services. All telephone calls to Boston Borough Council are being diverted to South Holland District Council switchboard where queries will be dealt with as normal

Memorial Safety

Information about memorial safety and inspections

All of the memorials in the borough cemeteries will be regularly inspected to ensure that they do not present a danger to the health and safety of visitors, staff and contractors.

 Any memorial found to be unsafe will have a warning notice attached and will then be dealt with using one of the following methods: -

  • Braced with stake(s) and banding (usually headstones showing movement)
  • Dismantled to remove the danger (larger memorials, tiered crosses, obelisks etc)
  • Cordoned off until professional assistance become available
  • Laid flat on the grave (where the danger is acute and immediate, exposing visitors to peril)

The decision as to which of the above methods is most appropriate will be made at the time of inspection by Boston Borough Council or their appointed contractor.

The cost of making safe and of restoring the memorial will be the responsibility of the owner.