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Cost of Living

With significant rise in the cost of living we know that some households will be struggling financially, emotionally or because they need practical advice and help. Here is some key information on what support is available and how to access it. As new schemes, advice and support becomes available this page will be kept updated.

Empty Homes

Information about empty homes and reporting.

Impact of empty homes

Long term empty homes can have a large impact on the local community and their owners:

  • Reduction in the value of the empty home and the neighbouring properties
  • Attracting illegal and anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping, vandalism and arson
  • Additional renovation costs to the owner as the empty home deteriorates over time
  • Environmental health risks from vermin and waste plus the additional clearance costs to the owner
  • Increased risk of squatters
  • A wasted resource when so many people are in need of housing

The Private Sector Housing Policy Framework sets out the Council's broad approach to its support for and work with private sector housing including empty homes.

If the empty home becomes an eyesore or a nuisance to neighbours we may take legal action to make the owner put it right. Further information can be found in the Private Sector Housing Policy Framework which should be read in conjunction with the latest Housing Act Notice Charges document.

If you own a long term empty home

If you own a long term empty home, we can offer advice and assistance such as information on selling, renting, VAT discounts through HMRC and other financial assistance available to help bring empty homes back into use.

You can also take steps to protect the property against fraud by signing up to Property Alerts with Land Registry.

Report a problem empty home

Empty homes bring down an area and threaten the health of the local community.  If a privately-owned home is causing problems like this, report it to us now:

Phone: 01205 314 563

Email the housing standards team