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Katie Chalmers

Making a Difference Case Study - Katie Chalmers

Ward Member:


Why You Decided You Wanted To Become A Councillor:

This is my home town. A town I love and have chosen to live in and bring my children up in. However, with the world being in constant change, there are a few things that I would like to see changed for the better and for the future. For Boston and for me personally. As an idea's person, I knew that to make an impact, I needed to be in a position where I could work with the decision makers for our town. Put my ideas forward and be a part of shaping Boston's future.

What Impact/Difference Do You Feel You Have Already Made To The Community?

I have had the pleasure of being the VOICE for my residents. For the residents who have contacted me directly, 100 pc of their issues have been resolved and within a small time frame.

I have been able to voice opinion and influence decisions made on the future of Boston. I am active in the Committees that address Town events, planning for Boston, Licensing, the environmental future of Boston, POTHOLES and the NHS services in Boston. I have done it in a positive and realistic way.

What Have Your Highlights of Being A Councillor Been So Far?

I am excited out the future of our town. We have many improvements in various states of application and deliver. I have seen Skirbeck residents get a well-placed waste bin. I have personally reported a LOT of potholes to be fixed. Resolved issues with housing.

I was invited to one of our GP Surgery's for the day, to see from their perspective, how all the imposed changes within the NHS have made a direct change to the way they are able to offer services to their patients. They do an amazing job and work ridiculously hard but face daily struggles delivering the service they want to. I wrote a full report and have passed it to Matt Warman for submission to ULHT.

What Would You Say to Someone Who Is Thinking Of Becoming A Councillor In The Future?

If you are a proactive person with a positive vision for the future of Boston, then this the job for you! Please get in touch with the council to find out more.

Do not be worried about lack of experience a fully supportive environment is provided by the officers so even if you come with a few good ideas. BBC can help you realize these ideas and create a great future for us all.

The reward comes from making a positive impact to our future.

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