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Scott Harmon

Making a Difference Case Study - Scott Harmon


Boston ABC

Why You Got Involved?

My son started training at the club and then went on to box. I thought I should start training myself to get in shape, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was stepping through the ropes myself to compete in Amateur Boxing. I really got the bug for the sport and went on to start coaching myself. I'm now the club secretary and have leading role in the overall running of the club alongside our experienced team of coaches.

What Impact/Difference is it Making to the Community?

Boxing is a fantastic sport, with no expensive equipment required, the barrier to entry is low. This encourages people from all walks of life to give it a try. The mix in the gym is diverse and we have a real family feel about the place. Obviously, fitness is a fantastic benefit for anyone who trains regularly, however for me, one of the true benefits is the confidence the sport can generate and the positive impact it can have on your mental wellbeing. There is nothing better than seeing a shy kid with no confidence enter the gym day one and then watch them progressively improve in Boxing skill and overall confidence. There is never any pressure to compete but those that do and then go on to succeed in the sport make the role as a coach especially rewarding.

Our open sessions are extremely popular and its great to see kids/young adults working hard, letting off steam and focusing their energy on something positive rather than getting up to mischief out on the streets.

We have lots of parent's approach us when their children are having difficulty at home or in school with things like behavior issues and bullying. Boxing gives them something positive to focus on and promotes self-confidence, respect and an overall positive attitude towards themselves and others.

How Would You Encourage Other to Get Involved in Their Community?

I think the best thing anyone can do to get involved with their community is to try different things. Give something a go that you haven't tried before, there are so many different past times/hobbies/clubs out there which give so much back to their community.

The family feeling and inclusion you get from the groups and the good feeling from giving a bit back can be so rewarding.

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