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Boston May Fair

Boston Borough Council and the Showman's Guild are pleased to announce that for the first time on Sunday 5th May 11am-1pm the May Fair on Bargate Green Car park and Wide Bargate will be opening without sound. This will enable families with children with additional needs to enjoy the delights of the May Fair without the sensory overload that can sometimes prevent some of them enjoying the experience.

Big Bin terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. The Council will arrange with the hirer a day for delivery of the bin, if operational difficulties arise the council reserves the right to change the delivery date with the hirer at any time. The council will re-arrange an alternative delivery date with the hirer.
  2. The Council will collect the waste upon the date arranged with the hirer, a pick up date for the bin will also be arranged, if operational difficulties arise the council reserves the right to change the collection date with the hirer at any time. The council will re-arrange an alternative collection date with the hirer.
  3. The hirer shall ensure that no items are placed within the bin that are prohibited.
  4. If the Hirer commits any breach which results in the Council having to make an additional visit to the premises, for example, not having access for collection of the bin, or having a wasted trip due to contamination of the waste, an additional charge of £50.00 shall be payable by the hirer
  5. The hirer shall pay the hire fee at the time of booking
  6. The hirer shall present the bin for emptying by 5:30 am on the morning of the waste collection date or the night before, in a location at the front of the premises allowing clear access to the Council for collection of the waste.
  7. The bin shall remain the property of the Council. The hirer shall have no right to claim ownership over the bin or have an interest in the bin outside of this agreement.
  8. If the hirer commits any breach of this agreement, the Council may terminate the agreement immediately and no refunds given. If the bin is damage due to misuse a payment for the repair or replacement or damage of the bin will be payable by the hirer
  9. The Council accepts no liability for any property damage above or below ground during bin drop off, empty and pickup. It is the responsibility of the hirer to determine the suitability of the chosen area for placement, which must be suitable for the location of the bin and have clear access for drop off, empty and pickup. The Council shall not be liable for damage caused to land or property, including but not limited to grass, driveways, personal property, cars, kerbs, garden beds, fences, carports, garages, houses or other structures.
  10. The hirer must keep the bin on their premises at all times, bins are not to be moved to other locations unless prior consent has been given by the council. For instance if neighbours wish to share the bin it must be agreed with the council that the bin can be moved from one premises to another.
  11. The hirer must keep the bin off any public land unless a permit has been agreed.
  12. If the hirer wishes to cancel the service the cut off point for a full refund is 1pm the working day, before the scheduled drop off. If the hirer cancels on the day of the scheduled drop no refund will be given.
  13. It may be possible to arrange for a second empty at a reduced rate of £54.
  14. The Hirer will make sure the bin is empty and no items are placed in the bin when picked up. If the bin is found with items in there will be an extra charge of £60 plus an extra £50 to reschedule a collection which will be payable by the hirer.
  15. The bin lid needs to be shut for the bin to be able to be emptied, any bins found with lids up will not be emptied and an additional charge of £50 will need to be made to reschedule the collection.