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Boston Town Area Committee

What is BTAC?

The Boston town area of the Borough doesn't have a parish council and BTAC fills that gap, reflecting and representing the views of the residents of the town wards.

How does BTAC work?

The Council has given BTAC the power and duty to carry out certain services and functions and so it can do this, it sets a precept called a Special Area Expense Account (SAEA), which is paid along with Council Tax. In addition, BTAC supports initiatives that have a direct benefit and positive impact on Boston's town centre neighbourhoods and communities. The Committee is committed to working in partnership with local people to deliver the Council's overall priorities to secure better services for less money and share opportunities and responsibilities wherever possible.

BTAC provides and maintains parks, open spaces, play areas, town events, public toilets and other facilities and services that are mainly intended for the use and benefit of residents for the non-parished Boston Town area. And it monitors and reviews the performance of services within its responsibility.

The Committee also acts as a consultee on major initiatives, projects and developments affecting the town area and considers applications for planning permission and other consents and related matters.

Another important responsibility of the Committee is to award Community Grants to town-based organisations and events.

Public Questions at BTAC

Public questions are welcomed. To answer any written questions received from members of the public in the next meeting please make sure that questions are submitted in writing to the committee clerk no later than 5pm two clear working days prior to the meeting - for example, meting on a Wednesday needs to be submitted by 5pm on the Monday before.

The rules on public speaking rights at BTAC meetings are as follows:

  1. Public speaking is allowed at the discretion of the Chairman;
  2. Members of the public may place items on the agenda for meetings of BTAC on at least ten days notice being given to the Council.
  3. A 10 minute public speaking slot is provided for at the beginning of meetings of BTAC, which may be extended by the Committee or at the discretion of the Chairman.