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Council Tax Billing

We understand that as the new annual Council Tax bills are issued, you may need to contact us. To make this easier we have temporarily extended our normal operating hours for our Council Tax telephone lines until 7pm from Monday, 20 March to Thursday, 30 March **Monday - Friday only**

Payments over £250

We embrace the Government's transparency agenda because we recognise the importance for local people to be able to find out how we are spending money.

Each month we will publish online our spend over £250 (include VAT). This will detail the payments we've made to support the delivery of the services we provide to the community.

In some cases, elements of information may be excluded from the reports, for example if it falls under the guidelines of the Data Protection Act. Where individual names appear they are the suppliers of our services.

Some of the money we spend on goods and services is funded by external organisations for a specific purpose so not all expenditure is funded directly from Council Taxpayers.

When reviewing this data you will notice that some of the individual payments are below £250. Where this is the case you will also notice that an invoice number appears more than once. This is because occasionally a single invoice has to be broken down and charged to a number of different service areas. When added together, all payments against an invoice number will exceed £250.

Please note reports prior to April 2017 relate to transactions over £500.