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Health and Safety

Boston Borough Council firmly believes that health, safety and welfare is of paramount importance.

We will ensure all reasonably practicable measures are taken to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our employees, visitors, members of the public and anyone who may be affected by our activities or use our buildings.

Boston Borough Council, through its Corporate Management Team, Senior and Service Managers and elected Members will ensure that all of our activities are conducted in a manner which thoroughly identifies and controls foreseeable risks in accordance with current legislative requirements recognised guidance and best practice.

It is Boston Borough Council's intention to:

  • provide information, training and skills development for all employees to enable them to carry out their duties.
  • provide and implement in each workplace, procedures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • allocate sufficient resources to carry out our legal duties made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • systematically measure, evaluate and promote the progress made in the implementation of these principles. 

In order for Boston Borough Council to successfully meet these principles, we will ensure the personal commitment of each employee regardless of position so that all employees:

  • conduct their activities in a manner which minimises the risk to their own health, safety and welfare and that of their colleagues or others who may be affected by their actions.
  • with specific responsibilities for health safety and welfare, for example Managers and Supervisors ensure that their duties are adequately discharged and covered in the event of absence by an appropriate deputy or responsible person.
  • must bring to the attention their line management any hazard, dangerous practices or incidents of which they become aware. 

It is Boston Borough Council's policy to utilise all resources available including the Trade Unions and Health and Safety Working Group and to encourage a positive and constructive approach to health and safety.  We therefore welcome all suggestions and recommendations which might lead to a safer workplace and improved work practices.