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Tree Maintenance

We are responsible for the management of trees which are on council-owned land.

Not all trees in the borough are owned or managed by Boston Borough Council.

As a resident, you can find out who the owner of a tree is by undertaking a Land Registry Search here; Search for land and property information - GOV.UK (

Trees located on highway verges, verges being areas between an adopted road and footpath - are generally the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council. Matters relating to these can be reported to FixMyStreet or Report a hedge or tree problem - Lincolnshire County Council

Trees located on parks and public open spaces within Boston town area, such as Central Park, Woodville Road, Broadfield Lane, Burgess Pit, Boston Cemetery, War Memorial etc are generally the responsibility of Boston Borough Council. Matters relating to these can be reported

Trees located on 'housing amenity land' - those spaces which surround the former Council Housing Stock, is generally the responsibility of Lincolnshire Housing Partnership. Matters can be reported here. or Home - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (

Trees located on residential housing developments within a parish area, if the area is adopted, these may be Boston Borough Council. It is possible some areas within a parish has not been adopted, and therefore these will remain the developers responsibility, or the relevant management company. Grass cutting was transferred to the relevant Parish Council for those areas adopted by Boston Borough Council.

Trees located beside riverbanks and drains are generally the responsibility of the Environment Agency, matters relating to these trees can be reported here; Report an environmental incident - GOV.UK (

Other trees located near dykes etc could be the responsibility of Black Sluice IDB, Witham Forth IDB, other trees may be owned by farmers, private owners and other land owners.

If you require any further information on the management of Boston Borough Council trees, please call us on 01205 314200.