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Cost of Living

With significant rise in the cost of living we know that some households will be struggling financially, emotionally or because they need practical advice and help. Here is some key information on what support is available and how to access it. As new schemes, advice and support becomes available this page will be kept updated.

A statement from The Worshipful the Mayor of Boston

"I was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of a 9 year old child in Boston and my heart goes out to the family of this little girl. I just cannot begin to imagine the pain and anguish they will be experiencing right now following this despicable crime, and it's something that no parent or grandparent should ever have to encounter. I also extend my sincere condolences to her young friends and classmates too.

"The people in our community are not just grief stricken though,  they are full of disbelief and despair because this alleged murder is simply unconscionable to all of us. With this happening less than two years after the murder of another local child, our residents are feeling frightened for themselves and for their children.

"It is reassuring that Boston Stump have opened their doors to allow people to talk, pray, grieve and be together, and I thank them for offering that vital space. I am also full of pride, gratitude and admiration for the way in which our emergency services have responded to this heinous crime and I feel confident that the perpetrator will be brought to justice swiftly.

"Immediately upon hearing about this despicable crime, I took the decision as Mayor to request a meeting be held to discuss safety in the Borough.  When local people tell you that they feel unsafe on their own streets, I think we have a duty, as elected representatives, to listen to their concerns and look at what can be done together to address them." 

Cllr Anne Dorrian
The Worshipful the Mayor of Boston