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Taxi Passenger Safety

Staying Safe: Guidance for Passengers

Boston Borough Council issues licences for both Hackney Carriage (Taxis) and Private Hire Vehicles.

The differences between these two types of vehicles are:-

Differences between Hackney Carriage Vehicles and Private Hire Vehicles
ElementHackney Carriage vehiclesPrivate Hire Vehicles

Can be hailed in the street


Can stand and be hired at a Taxi Rank


Can be pre-booked


Must display a taximeter


Must work for a Private Hire Operator


Has to display a top sign


Has to display a "For Hire" sign in the front bottom left-hand side of the windscreen


Colour of Licence plate displayed on the rear of the vehicle (below the back window)


When using a private hire vehicle (pre-booked), passengers should always:-

  • Book their journey with a Private Hire Operator;
  • Confirm their booking with the driver when he/she arrives;
  • Note the licence number (this can be found on the plate located on the rear of the vehicle)
  • Sit in the back, behind the driver;
  • Let a third party know details of their journey

When using a taxi, passengers should where possible:-

  • Use a taxi rank

The Passenger Information Leaflet contains more details.