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Boston Town Centre Embarks on Transformative Journey with the Launch of a New Strategy and Action Plan

A strategy and action plan for Boston Town Centre has been launched by Boston Borough Council's Cabinet on Wednesday 13th December 2023.

At a previous Cabinet meeting councillors approved the comprehensive Boston Town Centre Strategy and Action Plan, signalling a transformative era for the heart of the town. This strategic initiative aims to bring communities together by investing in the town centre, creating quality public realms, and fostering a vibrant retail and hospitality experience.

The aim of this strategy and its associated action plan is to seek to ensure Boston Town Centre is a town centre that provides services and a positive experience for everyone.  That is whether they are young people, older people, people who are challenged by not having English as their first language or are disabled or face other challenges.

The proposed vision for this strategy builds on the successful work taking place around the town in connection with the levelling up agenda and this strategy seeks to deliver against seven key strategic objectives.

Cllr Dale Broughton, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Town Centre, said: "We believe by better aligning council service delivery and working in a more integrated way with partners, community representatives and the voluntary and community sector we can lead a programme of work which ensures that Boston Town Centre is clean and safe, open for business, a great place for culture, heritage and events and a place that is on a very real transformation journey that will ensure present and future generations enjoy the very best that Boston's town centre can bring."

The strategy presents a town centre action plan which captures where resources and activities should be focused.  It is divided into the following four sections which are discussed with actions proposed against the strategy's objectives, Clean and Safe, Open for Business, Culture, Heritage and Events and Transformation.

Cllr Anne Dorrian, Leader of the Council, added: "We are committed to ongoing engagement with our local residents, retailers, market traders and partners to ensure that we deliver improvements in the town centre that people recognise as making a positive difference to their everyday lives. Whilst some of these improvements can happen quickly, such as the fantastic festive lighting, others will take a longer time to come to fruition. Our ambition is to deliver the very best a town can offer in this important part of Lincolnshire. We want to restore people's pride in their home town and make our town centre a destination of choice for residents and visitors alike. To this end, we ask that you support the ongoing development of the Boston Town Centre Strategy and Action Plan because this really is about delivering a town centre for everyone."

Commenting on the strategy and action plan, Cllr Barrie Pierpoint, Chairman of Boston Town Area Committee stated, "This strategy is a visionary roadmap to revitalise our town centre. We are committed to creating an environment that caters to the needs and aspirations of our diverse community. From cleanliness to economic vitality, cultural richness to transformative change, every aspect is designed to enhance the quality of life for our residents."

You can find a full working version of the Boston Town Centre Strategy and Action Plan at

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